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Run-out-the-door knitting


Quick! You’re running out the door, but your day could go in any direction. What do you put in your purse?

  • Wallet. I hope I put my license back. No time to check!
  • Phone. Ugh, it’s all banged up. Whatever.
  • Chapstick. My preeeecious.
  • Something to keep me occupied during unanticipated waiting periods. Shoot…phone battery dying. No Angry Birds. Knitting! Oh god, I have to pack it up now…No time. NO TIME!

I have these days frequently. In fact, I am running late at this very moment to blog about it. The good news is that I will be out of the house 5 minutes from now after putting on my makeup, filling my purse with the above essentials, and grabbing my perfect, tiny, run-out-the-door project: Sess. I posted it last night and did not anticipate that I would blog about it. It was, after all, a quick side project for a friend and not an official project for the site until I wrote it up.

What is Sess? Sess is a cell phone cover. It fits most models, has a super cute lace pattern on the front, seed stitch back and top flap, and holes through which you can thread a belt. I loved my original sample so much, I’m on my second one. It’s small and easily memorizable. Plus, you don’t need a bunch of extra tools. Just your dpns, and potentially your scissors/needle/button if you happen to finish while out. But thats no biggie.

At 99 cents, it won’t break the bank, but it will provide an outlet for your productive energy during the various, unexpected, and stolen moments of your day. Enjoy!



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