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Coming up for air


Monday, the week of my 31st birthday, I woke up with nowhere to be. The room was completely quiet. Evan had gone to work already, so I turned to use his pillow for a few minutes and stare at Buddy, who was sleeping by the low windowsill. The previous week had been like the last 10 years, where I would run off to school and/or work like anybody else. My career designing museum exhibits was very interesting and I had started down that path with a large helping of optimistic energy. My personal experiences in the field, however, were not ideal. I will leave it at that. :) I am very lucky to have support from loved ones and, as a result, was able to move on from a career that was a successful one for me, but was making me unhappy. It has only been a month and a half since leaving and my previous reality feels like years ago!

Why knit?

I learned to knit in 2002 while on Christmas break from grad school. Though I was loving the completely idle time at home with my family, I usually need to be creating something. A quick trip to Michael’s solved that. My mom treated me to a CD-ROM with short tutorial videos to show me the basic stitches of knitting, a pair of US8 metal needles, and some cheap acrylic yarn. It is within my personality to learn the hard way, so I pretty much made every beginner mistake you could imagine and often ended up with a pile of frogged yarn and a few tears. Who knows what the first project was, but that doesn’t matter. The transformative power of those needles was astonishing and I couldn’t stop myself.

Knitting was my saving grace during graduate school and fulfilled me in a way that the endless papers and articles could not. I always felt most like myself while knitting. I was a pretty terrible beginner but I really wanted to improve and come up with my own collection of original patterns. Since then, I’ve gone back to that idea over and over again without the time or energy outside of my jobs to do so. Now I have the opportunity to focus and put my best foot forward.

Why now?

The most compelling reason to begin this journey comes from my personal life. I will be getting married to the kindest, smartest, most handsome man in the world on July 21, 2012. We plan to have children as soon as possible and I want to be home with them. Hopefully, I can make all of my dreams live in harmony, and I can care for my children while feeling happy with my contributions to the outside world as well. I’m SO excited! I hope you will also enjoy what comes from this, as I do all of this with my fellow knitters in mind.

Who will we meet on this blog?

You’re going to get to know me, Kate, preeeetty well. :) I’m a 31-year-old night owl who likes making stuff in all categories. I recently left the museum industry to begin this blog and spend my time designing knitwear. I specialized in exhibition design, but also worked in collections/curatorial departments where encounters with historic textiles were frequent and fascinating. Sometimes those influences pop up in my work.






You will also get to meet my fiance, Evan. He’s kind of awesome. He works in software/web-based engineering and is my absolute best friend in the world. He is a guy, so pretty hard to knit for, but he’s given me the thumbs up for a knit hat and University of Michigan socks. I will get to those soon!







Buddy will also make quite a few appearances! We have been pals since 2001 and I love him like a son. He is a fine feline specimen, famous for being both cute and portly. Don’t believe me? Check it out. I think this post got the most comments ever and froze the site. They brought him back for an “encore presentation” post here. His original post also started the spin-off “Buddy Lives” forum, that continues to this day, 5.5 years later.

As an interesting side note, Buddy has a few congenital issues, like an extra vertebrae in his spine and polydactyl (sp?) claws. This means that he has really messed up front paws where he has either too many or too few toes (depending on which paw you’re looking at) then each of those toes have either too many or too few claws. He also cannot retract said claws and they’re always sticking out like a Franken-kitty. So what if all of our clothes have holes in them from Buddy’s little abnormality? He simply loves on us, purring and kneading into our legs without understanding how painful that is for our poor thighs. The last thing I want to do is discourage his happy, loving behavior.

Our families will also make it out of the woodwork once in a while, but I will keep their involvement to a minimum. I don’t want to infringe upon their privacy.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the designs!

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